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Rinda LLC is a company that acts as an agency authorized for real estate mediation, registered with the Croatian Chamber of Economy. Through various activites the company has been present on the market for more than 20 years. The company operates in accordance with the Law on Real Estate Brokerage with the main goal of creating a transparent business atmosphere accompanied by a high legal security of the whole sale process.

Commercial Court: Commercial Court in Pazin | Reg.ID: 040069622 | Tax number: 72324976360 | Company: RINDA LLC for business services | HQ Address: Trg Pignaton 6A, Rovinj - Rovigno | Founding capital: 20.100,00 kn | Legal form: a limited liability company | Reg.number of the agency with the CCE: 71/2012 | Reg.number of the licensed real estate agent registered with the CCE: 85/2012

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